Las Rosas

Amber Roast

A dynamic and flavourful coffee with notes of dark chocolate, brown sugar and pomegranate.

Balzac's new Seasonally Sourced collection is a unique, limited edition selection of direct trade whole bean coffee from across the globe. Each season, we will present a new selection, varying in origin and roast.

ORIGIN Colombia

LOCATION AT ORIGIN La Plata, Huila, Colombia

PLANT VARIETAL Caturra, Castillo

ALTITUDE 1,700-2,000 meters above sea level


HARVEST June to August

CUPPING NOTES Dark chocolate, brown sugar, pomegranate.

This association of over 400 women coffee farmers came together to solve issues including lack of capital to use on their farms and to create an equitable working relationship with their husbands. Today, they are committed to producing high-quality coffee.

Coffee production is used as the vehicle to drive important change and development. By prioritizing gender equality and inclusive decision-making in households and on farms, the group is able to receive credit and ownership. This empowers other women to join the group and allows for many of the existing women in the group to take on leadership positions as cooperative members— regardless of their status on the farm.

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Ground Coffee
Default grind is for drip coffee. If you require grinding for a particular brewing type please include details in the comments section on the cart page. If you have additional questions, please send to prior to placing your order. There are no refunds or exchanges on ground coffee.