Seasonally Sourced

limited edition Balzac's direct trade bean selections

Tweega Peaberry

Pale Roast


This coffee has a very clean cup with balanced acidity, sweetness, and a rounded aftertaste.

Balzac's new Seasonally Sourced collection is a unique, limited edition selection of direct trade whole bean coffee from across the globe. Each season, we will present a new selection, varying in origin and roast. 

Also available in 5lb bags.

Origin Tanzania

Location at Origin  Southern Highlands

Name of Farm Tembo Coffee Company

Grade Tweega Peaberry

Processing  Wet-processing, sun-dried, green coffee is graded and sorted at Tembo’s facilty in Mbeya

Altitude  1,400 - 1,200 meters

Plant Varietal Bourbon & Typica

Soil Type  Fertile volcanic soil that is lightly acidic, rich in nitrogen, potassium, and magnesium

Total surface area Tweega Coffee comes from the washing stations in the Southern Highlands from over 10,000 small farmers

Farm/Farmer information Harvest period for these coffees is June-August. The Mbeya region consists of roughly 400,000 smallholder farmers that own, on average, 500 trees each. Many practice subsistence farming methods and all their coffee is handpicked.