Seasonally Sourced

limited edition Balzac's direct trade bean selections

Gedeb Natural

Pale Roast

A naturally-processed coffee with a beautiful floral aroma and notes of strawberry, blueberry and apricot.

Balzac's new Seasonally Sourced collection is a unique, limited edition selection of direct trade whole bean coffee from across the globe. Each season, we will present a new selection, varying in origin and roast.

Gedeb Natural Map


ORIGIN Ethiopia

LOCATION AT ORIGIN Gedeb Yirgacheffe / Gedio Zone

PLANT VARIETAL Arabica and Indigenous Heirloom Cultivars 

ALTITUDE 1,770-2,200 meters above sea level


CUPPING NOTES Strawberry, blueberry, apricot.  Super juicy and tangy!

Compared to our standard Ethiopian Yirgacheffe, the Gedeb Natural from Ethiopia is a case study in contrasts. Providing a glimpse into the earliest days of coffee harvesting and production, the coffee is left to dry inside the cherry for an extended period of time, instead of being de-pulped and washed. This natural process results in a vibrant, fruity taste which delights even the most seasoned coffee drinker. We are excited to showcase this special selection from Ethiopia – the birthplace of coffee.

Gedeb Natural Cherries

Gedeb Natural Processing

Gedeb Natural Drying