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This Drool-Worthy Holiday Cafe Menu Will Have You Lining Up For A Taste

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We could all use a little extra jolly this holiday season, and what’s more festive than Christmassy coffee? Balzac’s Coffee Roasters knows the importance of quality holiday goodies so they put together the perfect winter menu.

First of all, these aren’t your average holiday drinks. The baristas behind each recipe somehow know exactly how to turn our favourite Christmas snacks into the perfect beverage options. Balzac’s Coffee Roasters has locations all over the GTA, so you don’t have to go far to get your hands on these amazing holiday items!

Via Curiocity Group Inc.

Let’s start with the Cinnamon Bun Latte. This crowd favourite is made with locally made Rosen’s Cinnamon Bun Spread, Fairtrade Organic espresso, and the steamed milk of your choice. It’s subtly spicy and perfectly sweet, the quintessential cinnamon bun in a cup!

The Oat Milk Cookie Latte is also a contender for the top spot, and for good reason. The steamed oat milk base makes it ultra creamy and friendly for our dairy-free friends. Add some espresso and oatmeal cookie syrup (yes really) and you’ve got yourself a new holiday favourite!

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Next up is the Café Nordique – as delicious as it is poetic. A double shot of Fairtrade Organic espresso is beautifully complemented by honey, vanilla extract, cardamom, and steamed milk. Warm, luxurious, and sumptuous!

Making the White Chocolate Macadamia Nut Latte is an art. A double shot of espresso cascades over Lindt White Chocolate and is finished off with steamed Macadamia milk and microfoam. Are you drooling? We’re drooling.

Via Curiocity Group Inc.

Last but not least is the classic favourite, the Eggnog Latte. Creamy, delicious eggnog steamed to the perfect temperature pairs beautifully with a double shot of FTO espresso for the ultimate Christmas in a cup.

If somehow these amazing drinks aren’t reason enough for you to come try out the new menu, let us persuade you with some of the wonderful treats, merch, and gift options in each cafe! Whether you’re looking to grab a coffee to go or bring home the cafe, Balzac’s has you covered! Available in-store and online, Balzac’s has tons of gift options for the coffee (and tea) lover in your life. Plus, it just feels so good to support local!

As restrictions in the GTA continue to evolve, Balzac’s cafes have take-out only and limited seating options at some of their locations, so check here to find out what’s happening at the location nearest you. And if you’re heading out to get a holiday drink (or two), make sure to mask up!

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