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Safety Guidelines at Reopening Cafés: Everything You Need to Know

We’re thrilled to be welcoming you back to our cafés! The health and safety of Balzac’s Coffee customers and staff are always of paramount concern to us. As the COVID-19 situation evolves, we have updated our safety guidelines to ensure you can continue to access the coffee that you love, worry-free and in a safe environment.

Right now our café seating areas are temporarily closed to encourage physical distancing, but we are offering take-out and order-ahead services using cashless payments.

Rest assured, we have also implemented rigorous safety precautions on site. This includes:

Enhanced Cleaning and Sanitization Protocols

At all reopening Balzac’s Coffee cafés, staff is trained on cleaning protocols recommended by Restaurants Canada. All main touch points are cleaned hourly, including entry and exit doors and handles, tabletops, counter tops, and touch screens.

Staff Social Distancing and PPE Requirements

Staff members are provided with their own personal protective equipment. They are wearing masks, gloves, and have the option of wearing face shields. Acrylic safety screens are installed at the point of sale and drink pass through, to ensure a safety barrier between customers and staff.

Updated Customer Flow and Café Layout

When you visit your local Balzac’s Coffee, you will notice some changes upon arrival. There will be a sign posted at each entrance stating the maximum customer occupancy. This is defined by the number of spots each café’s unique size can accommodate with the required two-metre distance between individuals.

Entering the café, you will find a hand sanitizing station at the first waiting space. Please adhere to the well-marked standing locations on the floor, which indicate a safe two-metre distance from others. Directional arrows and our staff will also be there to help guide you through a safe visit.

No Touch Experience

To limit touch points as much as possible, we will be going cashless. We encourage customers to use tap or the Balzac’s App for your purchase. Customers who wish to remain outside of the café, can conveniently order ahead using the upgraded Balzac’s app. Likewise, Toronto customers can also order ahead on the Ritual app.

You will also notice menus may be reduced at your location, but you can be confident your favourite drinks are still available! We have put away some merchandise to focus on an efficient take-out experience while providing a touch free environment. Washrooms will also be closed at this time, so please plan ahead before your visit.

Thank you for understanding as we navigate these new changes together. We will continue to brew and serve up the unrivalled roasts you love, safely. We can’t wait to see you again.

If you would rather enjoy our coffee at home, our roasts are still available for purchase online.

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